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gleefics - fic from the hit show "Glee"
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Fanfics from the hit FOX tv show, "Glee".

♥♥♥♥ Ten Commandments
1.) Fanfic is the primary purpose of this community. We are pretty lenient about community promos, as long as you ask us first.

2.) Posting is by members only, although anyone can comment.

3.) All fics links must be unlocked.

4.) Stories should contain a header. At the very least, make sure that header contains the title, rating, pairing, any spoiler warnings, and a summary. All fic must be posted below an LJ cut.

5.) Tag, tag, tag! We pride ourselves on having a tag system that is easy to use and great for finding exactly what you want to read. Your story should be tagged with at least the main pairing, the rating, and your author tag. We check the community several times a day, and always catch new authors – we’ll give you one as soon as we see you, no worries!

6.) We ask that you please refrain from daily fic posting. We want everyone to have a shot at the “prime real estate” of the first page, and therefore we ask that you group multi-part stories into single posts and compile a digest post if you are writing any kind of daily fic series or if you find yourself on a writing bender.

7.) As stated above, please mention all spoilers in your header, and don’t post anything that could be considered a spoiler for a recent (within 7 days) or upcoming new episode before the cut.

(Addition - 06/10) - All potentially offensive, hurtful, or upsetting content within fic needs to carry a proper warning in the header of your story.

8.) No flaming, spamming, ship-bashing, or trolling will be tolerated here. The mods wield a mean banhammer, and have been known to use it at will. All pairings, characters, ratings, and kinks are welcomed with open arms.

9.) Your mods are delicathessa (Thessa) and kait_18 (Kait). We love our comm and our members, and we are always here to help and respond to your questions and suggestions.

10.) The Tenth And Most Important Commandment of gleefics is to have fun.

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